2021 Code Proposals

Every three years new model codes are published. The Council, with the assistance of their Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs), reviews and adopts the new editions. In addition, the TAGs also review any changes proposed to these new editions, or to the pre-existing state amendments.

For review, the 2021 codes are broken into two groups. Group 1 includes the International Building Code, International Fire Code, International Wildland Urban Interface Code and the Washington State Energy Code-Commercial. Group 2 includes the International Existing Building Code, International Building Code Structural Provisions, International Residential Code, International Mechanical Code, International Fuel Gas Code, NFPA 58, NFPA 54 and the Washington State Energy Code-Residential. Group 1 codes are evaluated in the first year of review, Group 2 codes in the second year, and the codes are adopted effective in the following year. 

Any proposal to change the state building code must be received by the date set by the Council. Group 1 codes proposals for the 2021 codes can be received on April 1, 2021 with a deadline of June 1, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

See WAC 51-04-020 for more specific information on submission dates and the adoption period. All proposed statewide amendments need to be submitted in writing, on the provided forms here.

Click here for the 2021 Code Review and Adoption Schedule

Group 1 Code Proposals 

Group 1 Code Preliminary Reports


Group 2 Codes (Coming Fall 2021)

  • 2021 International Building Code Structural Provisions and International Existing Building Code
  • 2021 International Residential Code
  • 2021 International Mechanical Code, International Fuel Gas Code, NFPA 54, NFPA 58
  • 2021 Uniform Plumbing Code
  • 2021 Washington State Energy Code - Residential